An Event with Meaning

Do you have an incoming professional or personal event and looking for ways to make it more meaningful? Whether you’re organizing a family gathering, group event, or team building, adding activities that foster connection, reflection, and growth can take your event to the next level. Here are three activities to consider:

  1. Mindfulness Practice: Mindfulness practices are powerful tools for reducing stress, improving focus, and cultivating inner peace. Consider starting your event with a mindfulness practice to help attendees ground themselves and set positive intentions for the day.
  2. Vision Board Creation: Vision boards are a visual representation of one’s goals, dreams, and aspirations. Encourage attendees to create their own vision boards as a way to tap into their creativity and clarify their vision for the future. Provide a variety of magazines, images, and other materials. This activity can be particularly effective for families, groups, or teams who want to align their goals.
  3. Guided Self-Reflection and Journaling: Self-reflection and journaling are powerful tools for development. Consider incorporating a guided self-reflection and journaling exercise into your event to help attendees gain greater insight into themselves and their experiences. This activity can be particularly effective for organizations or teams who want to foster a culture of growth and self-awareness. The activity can be done with pen and paper or digitally.

By incorporating activities that foster connection, reflection, and personal growth, you can create a more meaningful and soulful event that leaves a lasting impact on attendees. Whether you’re planning a family event, group workshop or team retreat, consider adding these activities to your agenda to take your event to the next level while integrating the overall theme.


Bliss Within

Here’s a “Bliss Within”, a soulful production brings you on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace. In this video, you will be guided through a life coaching technique that will help you tap into more happiness. Through powerful imagery, you will hear about the importance of connecting with your authentic self to help with clarity and gratitude. Join us for this experience of a bliss within.

Featured Speaker: Yakima Davis, CPC
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7 step coaching model

Welcome to my coaching blog, designed specifically for families, groups, and teams. My 7-step coaching model is an effective way to help you achieve your goals.

Step 1: Define Goals

The first step in my coaching model is to define your goals. We’ll work together to identify what you want to achieve and create specific, measurable, attainable, and positive goals.

Step 2: List Blocks

Next, we’ll identify any blocks or obstacles that may be standing in the way of achieving your goals. By understanding and addressing these blocks, we can develop strategies to overcome them.

Step 3: Clarify Motivations

Understanding your motivations is key to staying on track and achieving your goals. We’ll work together to clarify your motivations and ensure they are aligned with your specific goals.

Step 4: Brainstorm Options

In this step, we’ll brainstorm different options and strategies to help you achieve your goals. This can include exploring new approaches, identifying resources, and thinking outside the box.

Step 5: Map out Trials

Trying new things can be challenging, so we’ll map out trials to help you take small steps towards your goals. These trials will help build confidence and momentum towards achieving your goals.

Step 6: Plan Strategy

Once we’ve identified the best approach for achieving your goals, we’ll create a plan to help you stay on track. This plan will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Step 7: Mastery

The final step in my coaching model is mastery. We’ll work together to develop the skills and mindset needed to maintain your progress and achieve long-term success. Follow-up sessions will assess progress and support ongoing skill-building to help you achieve mastery.

During our coaching sessions, I will provide guidance and tools to help you achieve your goals. This includes goal-setting, strategic communication skills, and accountability. Together, we’ll co-create a space of partnership to help you reach your full potential and desired outcome.